Maddy Falvey

Ellebore Founder

The hellebore – a delicate yet strong bloom. They are my favourite flower and represent me perfectly. ‘Ellebore’ seemed to flow on from this and so my gorgeous floral adventure was born.

Flowers have always played an important part in my life. I remember picking lavender and gardenias from our garden, gifting them to Mum from a young age. However floral design was something I quite literally fell into. Here I am, 11 years later with many more to come… Countless blooms have passed through my weathered hands and I’ve loved them all.

Flowers aren’t a ‘job’ for me. They never have been. It’s a pleasure to rise early on market mornings and bring home all kinds of wonderful goodies that have been so carefully grown and harvested. This practice is just as enjoyable as the creative process.

A lover of all things beautiful – each individual bloom is prepared with care and love. Clients come to expect floral designs of the highest quality, paired with positive communication, expert knowledge on availability, excellent relationships with suppliers and confidence in the beautiful finished product. It would be great to meet with you…

I hope our paths cross soon…

Maddy xx

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